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Regional Project Management Consultant for West Sumatera, Riau and Jambi (RPMC II) – SANIMAS Community Based Sanitation Project

In Progress

Detailed Narrative Description of the Project

The Regional Project Management Consultant (RPMC) for the provinces of West Sumatera, Riau and Jambi tasks include overall project Planning, coordination among stakeholders at provincial, district and urban neighborhoods level, monitor and supervision of implementation activities, reporting and trouble-shooting implementation errors. The RPMC is responsible also for the updating the daily and weekly project implementation data and information of the project management information system (MIS) through NPMC as data administrator, compile a project data base and various computerized reporting the field levels, and support the disbursement data for financial management of the project and conducting the various training and capacity building addressing the requirements of all stakeholders. It is included assistance local government and community to institutionalize gender plan in their planning document

Detailed Description of the Actual Services Provided by your Firm

  • Select community facilitators;
  • Provide technical assistance and guidance to community facilitators;
  • Monitor and evaluate performance of the community facilitators;
  • Assist community facilitators in conducting awareness campaign to familiarize the community members with the Project and hygiene and health awareness;
  • Assist community facilitators in conducting community facilitation that includes poverty mapping at the neighbourhood level, identification of problems and needs , evaluation of community implementation capacity and development of planning mechanism and decision making process;
  • Ensure that the community facilitation activities incorporate measures to enhance gender equality as outline in the Project’s GAP;
  • Assist community facilitators in the establishment and capacity building of community implementation organizations; ensure that the establishment and capacity building activities incorporate measures to enhance gender equality as outline in the GAP;
  • Assist communities in formulation of community sanitation improvement action plan (CSIAP) and related annual investment plans (community action plan/rencana kerja masyarakat, RKM) for funding by block grants;
  • Provide technical assistance for the planning and design of community proposals/RKMs;
  • Facilitate kecamatan (sub district) discussion to promote development of inter neighbourhood cooperation;
  • Ensure good governance in channelling of infrastructure grants to communities;
  • Assist community facilitators in developing community financial management procedures and training community members in implementing them;
  • Provide technical guidance during the implementation of the activities identified in neighbourhood investment proposals;
  • Assist communities in formulation and implementation of operation and maintenance plans to ensure sustainability of completed facilities;
  • Ensure compliance of project activities with Islamic Development Bank’s social and environmental safeguards and related guidelines;
  • Monitor implementation of project activities (including the activities outlined in the GAP) and prepare quarterly and annual progress reports;
  • Formulate and operate the complaint handling procedures;
  • Implement the monitoring and evaluation activities;
  • Assist the NPMC in preparing the overall training plans for the project xx. Assist in the preparation of the training modules and materials

CLIENT : Ministry of Public Works and Housing
START DATE : January, 2017 - January, 2020