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Logistic Service Provider for Individual Consultant, District Master Trainer and Computer Operator in Regional 2 and 3


Detailed Narrative Description of the Project

The objective this project is to ensure that the needs of logistics and operational funding for the implementation of the District Consultant job, mentoring master trainers and district computer operator / administrator can run smoothly, effectively and efficiently in accordance with technical requirements / progress of the relevant district and village; so that the validation of data at district and village (TPK) can be done properly and on time. In this project PT. Miskat Alam act as Event Organizer in conducting operational payment processing consultant district.

Detailed Description of the Actual Services Provided by your Firm

1.  Complement and make sure that administrative operational cost is available and accordance with the actual transaction.

2.  Provide logistic and supporting tools for implementation of district individual consultants and administration in time accordance with technical requirements.

3.  Provide operational cost in cash.

4.  Provide district consultant, facilitator, district trainee or province by supporting staff (computer operator).

5. Provide master trainee cost accordance with the agreed program and approved by CPICU.

CLIENT : Ministry of National Education
START DATE : 04/11/2010
END DATE : 04/05/2013