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Improvement of TFL Capacity in Sanitation at Work Intensive Rural Wilaya (Kn-PLPBM.02.19)


Detailed Narrative Project Description

The purpose of this activity is to increase the capacity of the Facilitator’s skills in facilitating the community and to increase understanding of the Labor Intensive Sanitation Program starting from the planning, implementation, operation and maintenance stages as well as the management of infrastructure and facilities built. The objective of the activity is for the Facilitator to become skilled in the management of technical assistance for the implementation of the construction of Work Intensive Rural Sanitation, which includes the stages: preparation, planning, implementation and post implementation (operation and maintenance and management of infrastructure and facilities built) so that the community can be triggered for the implementation of the construction of Solid Work Sanitation Rural Sanitation .

Description of Actual Services Provided

Coordinate with the Technical Activities Team
Carrying out all stages of strengthening start from the preparation, implementation and reporting stages
Compile materials that will be delivered by resource persons at the Capacity Building activities
Provide supporting facilities for the implementation of reinforcement
Provides evaluation evaluation tools to determine the success rate of reinforcement
Analyze the process and results of the empowerment and provide recommendations for the implementation of activities to increase the next fiscal year
Make periodic reports

CLIENT : Kementerian Pekerjaan Umum dan Perumahan Rakyat
START DATE : 01/04/2019
END DATE : 30/07/2019