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Facilitation of STBM Campaign in HCTPS (Global Handwashing Day)


Detailed Narrative Description of the Project

The objective this project is to promote handwashing with soap to the community, especially students through a combination of direct approaches to campaigns, mass media campaigns and advocacy to policymakers.

Detailed Description of the Actual Services Provided by your Firm

–  Develop a Work Plan;

–  Coordinate with Users in the preparation, implementation and evaluation of activities;

–  Developing the concept, criteria and mechanisms of healthy environment ambassadors, and promotion of global handwashing day;

–  Designing, printing and distributing campaign media about healthy environmental ambassadors;

–  Designing and managing social media for the promotion of healthy environment ambassadors;

–   Collect and summarize the participants of healthy environment ambassadors;

–   Perform editing for the nominated video profiles;

–   Making preparation materials, resource persons and coordinating with television and radio;

–   Prepare the logistics of the peak event of global handwashing day;

–   Create final report and documentation

CLIENT : Ministry of Health
START DATE : 25/06/2015
END DATE : 31/10/2015