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Facilitation Consultant KP-USB and SD-SMP One Roof – Package 5 (NTT)


Detailed Narrative Description of the Project

This project is implemented to increase education facilities (school buildings) in remote areas through community based participation. Experts involved in this project, are: Team Leader, Architect, Structural Engineer, Electrical – Mechanical Engineer

Detailed Description of the Actual Services Provided by your Firm

–  Conduct workshop program socialization; feature and property survey of the land existing buildings and services;

–   Surveying of education resources and facility; preparation of document for USB Construction and One Roof Junior Secondary School;

–   Assisting/facilitating in KP-USB and P2SATAP establishment;

–   Training and assisting KP-USB in program implementation;

–   Supervising, monitoring and evaluation; coordinating with TTP and TTK in program implementation; providing recommendations to problems;

–   Taking action as necessary and providing recommendations to the Directorate of Junior Secondary School Development TTP and TTK, about other matters related to the implementation of BG-USB.

CLIENT : Ministry of Education
START DATE : 30/05/2012
END DATE : 30/12/2012