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Event Organizer Asia Pacific Landfill Symposium (APLAS) (PPLP-21-2012)


Detailed Narrative Description of the Project

·   The objective this project is to publish the results of research on a national and international scale; Increase knowledge in the field of solid waste management; In the event the exchange of information among researchers and practitioners of international actors, particularly in the field of solid waste

Detailed Description of the Actual Services Provided by your Firm

–   To review the previous administration

–   Perform maintenance of existing websites APLAS

–   Facilitate the implementation of APLAS in Sanur, Bali

–   Replacing materials appropriate publications such as posters, banners, billboards.

–   reparatory committee (the Steering Committee and Organizing Commmitte)

CLIENT : Ministry of Public Work, DG of Cipta Karya
START DATE : 14/12/2012
END DATE : 11/12/2012