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Earthquake & Tsunami Emergency Support Project (Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Component -Package 19), ADB TA-No.2 INO


Detailed Narrative Description of the Project

The main objective of the project is to provide such immediate rehabilitation services as may still be necessary, with concentration on empowering villages and communities to plan and to implement the reconstruction and new construction of Water Supply and Sanitation facilities themselves. So that, the health status of the rural population in NAD can reach higher standard prior earthquake

Detailed Description of the Actual Services Provided by your Firm

–  Provide monitoring and evaluation for rehabilitation and construction of the new water and sanitation facilities in Aceh Jaya Regency, Aceh Utara, Nagan Raya, Bireun, Pidie, Nias and South Nias.

–  Communicate to Health Department Officer and Field Consultant about the finding fact in the field and give advice for solving problems.

–  Empowering villages and communities to plan and implement the reconstruction and new construction of WSS facilities themselves

–  Hygiene and sanitation training at village level

–  Capacity building in local government agencies responsible for the delivery of support services to rural communities and the training and motivation of health service officials and technicians in the monitoring of WSS facilities (including routine water quality testing) and the detection and control of water borne

CLIENT : Asian Development Bank
START DATE : 10/2005
END DATE : 10/2007