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Earthquake and Tsunami Emergency Support Project (Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Component-Package 19)

Detailed Narrative Description of the Project
The main objective of the project is to provide immediate rehabilitation services for NAD community with concentration on empowering villages and communities to plan and to implement the reconstruction and new construction of WSS facilities themselves so that the health status of the rural population in NAD can reach higher standards than before when the disaster happened. The main benefits of the Project will be: (i) Reduced poverty and increased health benefits in poor district; (ii) Increased community empowerment; (iii) Strengthened local government capacity.
Reliable access to safe water and sanitation facilities will save time and effort required to obtain good quality water, increasing time and capacity for income-generating activities. Better quality water and improved hygiene behavior will reduce the incidence and severity of waterborne and water-related diseases, particularly among infants, young children, and the elderly, leading to a reduction in sick days and health-related expenditures. This will improve levels of social welfare, and facilitate effort to improve economic welfare of beneficiaries. Given the high proportion of poor household in the target districts, and the proposed targeting on the poorest locations within these districts the incidence of poverty among project beneficiaries is expected to be well over 50 %. The project will have a positive impact on communities ownership and leadership in their development, as they will actively participate in selecting, planning co financing, implementation operating and maintaining the investments. The performance of local government will be improved by introducing a simple quality management approach to public administration, which will help improve service delivery as well as transparency of the local administration.
Detailed Description of the Actual Services Provided by your Firm
  • Monitoring CAP preparation and implementation to ensure that agreed guidelines are followed as stipulated in the Juklak/Juknis, including quality of technical designs for civil works, choice of technology, adequate maintenance and operation arrangements of the water and sanitation infrastructure and facilities, technical specifications and cost estimates of the proposed designs;
  • Preparation of reports particularly related to technical matters in the construction of infrastructure;
  • Preparation of reports on O&M arrangements and its implementation;
  • Overall monitoring of project activities under component 1 and 4;
  • Preparing the annual project budget (grant funds and DIPA);
  • Disseminating relevant information to local governments agencies, institutions, and communities involved in the project;
  • Preparing monthly Process Monitoring Report and contribute to the preparation of the Quarterly Project Report (QPR);
  • Ensuring implementation of the Gender Action Plan (GAP).
  • Monitor and evaluate the rehabilitation and construction the new water and sanitation facilities in regency Aceh Jaya, Aceh Utara, Nagan Raya, Bireun, Pidies, Nias and Nias Selatan.
  • Communicate to Dinas Kesehatan Officer and Field Consultant about the fact-finding in the field and give advice for solving the problem and providing a medium for agriculture supporter

CLIENT : Asian Development Bank (ADB)
START DATE : 01/01/2009
END DATE : 31/12/2009