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Construction and Development Consultant Services, Tender No. 394BEP014, the Australia Indonesia Basic Education Program (AI-BEP) for The Block Grant of Junior Secondary Education (USB) and One Roof Junior Secondary School (SATAP) By Community Participation Mechanism “Cluster No. 43 & 44, East Nusa Tenggara – 4”


Detailed Narrative Description of the Project

This project is implemented to increase education facilities (school buildings) in remote areas through community based participation. Experts involved in this project, are: Team Leader, Architect, Structural Engineer, Electrical – Mechanical Engineer, Financial Specialist, Education Specialist and field consultants/ Community Development Specialist

Detailed Description of the Actual Services Provided by your Firm

Assisted Dit. PSMP in managing the execution of SMP/One-Roof SD-SMP construction and development programs among other in the following activities:

–  Program Socialization;

–  Re-evaluation of school locations;

–  Survey on land data: covered topographic mapping, survey on location’s existing condition; Survey on resources condition and availability; recorded school position with GPS;

–  Assisted KP-USB and P2Satap in planning and designing school building based on SMP standardization;

–  Assisted in preparing Development Documents (SPPB, Construction Drawing, RKS, RAB);

–  Assisted in facilitating the establishment of committee;

–  Trained and mentored Committee in program implementation;

–  Monitored, undertook the implementation progress assessment for termed payments, and evaluated the activities;

–        Coordinated with Provincial and District/City Education Offices in the view of activity implementation;

–        Provided recommendation on problem solutions and the steps that should be taken; and the solutions of other problems in relation to program implementation for Dit. PSMP. The designs were compiled based on: Prototype given by Directorate Junior High School Building, Legal land boundaries, Accorded with the results of Survey/topographic mapping undertaken, and Field physical condition for each school

CLIENT : Cardno Acil Pty Ltd/Ministry of National Education
START DATE : 22/08/2008
END DATE : 31/12/2009