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Community Water Services and Health Project ADB Loan 2163/2164(SF)-INO Central Support Team (CST)


Detailed Narrative Description of the Project

This Project will provide rural water supply and sanitation facilities to about 1,000 communities in 20 districts in the provinces of Central Kalimantan, West Kalimantan, Jambi and Bengkulu, combined with capacity building of district governments to facilities and regulate basic water and sanitation services ad empower communities to be responsible for planning, co-financing, developing and implementing community-based water and sanitation services. Also focuses on sanitation and hygiene behavioral change programs.

Detailed Description of the Actual Services Provided by your Firm

–  Support to overall management and implementation of CWSHP in consultations, communication and liaison with SPMU, Executing Agency and other agencies involved n CWSHP at central, provincial and district levels.

–   Assist CPMU in implementing of the existing Project Systems and Procedures, project financial management and accounting systems and procedures: MIS/M&E systems and procedures, MIS, sustainability systems and procedures; Quality management (QM) Model for District Government; Project Quality Assurance (QA) systems and procedures; Process Monitoring systems and procedures.

–   Assist CPMU and DPMU in implementing project monitoring, supervision and reporting, including: project financial and physical progress reports, procurement reports, training reports, process monitoring reports, project management reports.

–   Implement and monitoring report for a user-friendly system for MPA/PHAST process and outcomes monitoring that is used by DPMU and CPMU for improving community – based activities.

–   Implementation of Gender Action Plan.

–   Implement capacity building phase 3 and phase 4 and technology transfer to counterpart staff at all levels in all relevant agencies during the course of project implementation to ensure program sustainability.

–   Ensure quality design, construction, choice of technology, maintenance and operability of the water and sanitation infrastructure and facilities built by the project with quality control and quality assurance, specification, and regular technical and cost appraisal of the proposed design and CAP documents, in particular more complex design and/or those beyond agreed thresholds or standards.

–   Implementing health promotion and communication strategy and program focusing on improved health, hygiene and sanitation behaviour among individuals, families and broader community including province specific mass media packages and a system for monitoring performance of the communication program including improving water quality monitoring.

–   Support the delivery o appropriate quality participatory education materials for the health behaviour and services component that link to the PHAST approach to be used in the schools and in the community to achieve improved health sanitation behaviour especially linked to Open Defecation Free targets.

–   Ensure establishment of good, operational BPS for sustainability of O&M and the Program.

CLIENT : Ministry of Health
START DATE : 17/10/2011
END DATE : 31/12/2011