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ADB Loan No. 2294-INO (SF): Madrasah Education Development Project (MEDP) Notice To Proceed of Training on Subject Content Upgrading and Classroom Teaching Methodology Thematic (MI) and Science (MI & MTS)


Detailed Narrative Description of the Project

This project implemented to build the capacity of madrasah teachers to better understand specific subject content and use innovative ways of teaching and interacting with students by improving information and communication system. Ongoing professional development and in-servicing will also assist education practitioners to keep abreast of current education trends. This program will train about 1250 participants which is part education development in region, ensuring participant mastery of subject content relevant to the following teaching and National Examination areas :

·   MI – Mathematics, Integrated Science, Bahasa Indonesia, Thematic Instructional Approach.

·   MTs –  Mathematics, Integrated Science, Integrated Social Sciences, Bahasa Indonesia and English.

·   MA – Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Bahasa Indonesia, English, Economics, Accountancy and Sociology & Anthropology.


Detailed Description of the Actual Services Provided by your Firm

–   Before Commencement of training through by improbing information and communication system, the Service Provider shall make an agreement with P4TK regarding training implementation, and specifically shall discuss a rational, effective and efficient Training Implementation Plan that includes subject specific training modules and a strategy and budgeting plan for achieving predetermines program goals.

–   Provide to CPMU list of main trainers from P4TK that will deliver training materials including their educational background, year experience, and other competences they posses.

–   Ensure that those listed trainers will undertake the task in the day of implementation and ensure that they will not be replaced by junior trainers except under acceptable reasons (i.e. medical).

–   Develop, deliver, manage, monitor and evaluate respective quality subject contect upgrading and classroom teaching methodology training packages that meet the needs of madrasah.

–   Arrange, fund, conduct and participate in a preparatory workshop before commencement of training activities.

–  In coordination with P4TK, ensure that training implementation plans and training modules have been prepared and revised (where needed) in accordance with Preparatory Workshop recommendations and CPMU guidance.

–  Gather the contract commitment from participatory.

–  Develop, conduct and mark pre and post-tests for Subject Content Mastery.

–  Develop methodology and criteria for assessing trainee classroom teaching competency.

–   Support, monitor and evaluate trainers and trainees.

–   Provide trainees with a final report including both level of subject content mastery and classroom teaching methodology competency.

–   Expeditiously report non-performing course participants to CPMU.

–   Provide an appropriate location and all equipment and materials related to training package implementation.

–   Ensure that trainees are given suitable notice of the time, duration, purpose and location of training activities.

–   Prepare and distribute prerequisite materials and documentation a minimum of three (3) days prior to the commencement of training activities.

–   Pay training participants all eligible allowances as per current GoI rates and regulations and provide CPMU with accurate accounts of all related expenditure.

–   Provide any meals and refreshments associated with the implementation of the training.

–  Ensure internal quality assurance of all aspects associated with training package planning, delivery and management, taking corrective measures where necessary.

–   Accurately record training participant attendance.

–  Provide CPMU with a Training Implementation Report (one per training package), submitted at the conclusion of each Training Package, which describes training activities and participant results. The report will include an auditable financial statement of expenditure.

CLIENT : Ministry of Religious Affairs (MORA)
START DATE : 07/06/2011
END DATE : 04/12/2011