CSR PT. Miskat Alam Konsultan

As a form of sustainable social responsibility of the Miskat Alam Group towards the community for sustainable development and in the context of meeting the spiritual needs, then since the establishment of the Miskat Alam Group has launched various programs related to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
Because true business is not just talking profit and loss, there are other people’s rights that God entrusts from our possessions. In the context of contributing to and serving the community, Miskat Alam Group organizes CSR programs as follows:
1. Orphan / orphan & Dhuafa compensation which is held every 3 months
2. Providing salaries for teaching staff at the Pesantren Ar Rofi ‘I Ciganjur
3. Stocking qurban animals on Iedul Adha
4. Free Arabic Learning Program (Saturday – Sunday)
5. Free Tahfidz Quran Learning Program (Monday – Tuesday)
6. Umrah & Hajj Program for employees
7. MAG Disaster Care