Ramdan Wulan Agung

Director of Financial and Administration

Mr. Ramdan Wulan Agung (born in 1977) is the second Marketing and Operational Director and also as Administration and Finance Director of PT. Miskat Alam Konsultan from 2018 to the present with more than 18 years of experience. He completed his bachelor degree in 2002 majoring Urban and Regional Planning. Some of Mr. Ramdan Wulan Agung experiences for more than 18 years are: Management Development in 6 projects that were run for about 6 years, Regional Development in 4 projects which were run for about 3 years, Training Development in 3 projects which were run for about 3 years, Community Development in 3 projects that have been run for about 3 years, and various project for another 3 years of experiences. Sample of real project experience are: Regional Management Consultant; Region 4 Early Childhood Education and Development Project (ECED). As for the job description of this project is strengthening capacity of the project management at participating provinces and districts; Overall project management support; supporting the Community driven development programs, including managing the Community Facilitators Team (CFT); Provide logistic and supporting tools for implementation of district consultants and administration in time accordance with technical requirements; monitoring and evaluation of implementation activities and; reporting and troubleshooting implementation problems at provincial and district level, to ensure that the program is implemented in accordance with the procedures and criteria agreed by the Bank and the Government as detailed in the ECED Project Operation Manual/Pedoman Operasional Program PPAUD (POM/POP) and the Operational Manual for the activities of ECED Program Service in Community level/Pedoman Operasional Layanan PPAUD di Tingkat Masyarakat (COM/POL) and the agreed implementation plan and schedule. The establishment of ECED Program which funded by the World Bank and Dutch Government grant have been initiated by the signed of Financing Agreement under Cr No.4205-IND and Dutch Grant Agreement of TF No. 056841 on September 13th2006. These project will be launch at the central level and 21 Provinces and 50 Districts with coverage of 60 nominated villages per district which will receive block grant disbursement over 6000 eligible community group under competition based selection within 3000 nominated village that will provide access toward ECED services and will reach for about 738.000 children ages 0 to 6 with expecting impact will be extending over the 7 years of project life (2007 to 2013). The ceiling in local currency is IDR 27,003,148,876.00 (Twenty seven billion three million one hundred forty eight thousand eight hundred seventy six Indonesian rupiahs) excluding VAT 10%. Total Personnel for Professional Staff is 434 person and for Supporting Staff is 1,390 – Hours of work for Key Personnel is normally but not limited to 8 hours a day.