Juli Dedy M.

Marketing Manager- 1

Mr. Juli Dedy Mulyadi (born in 1976) is the Deputy Manager of Marketing and Operations of PT. Miskat Alam Konsultan with more than 9 years of experience. He earned his bachelor degree in Informatics Engineering in 2014. Some of Mr. Juli Dedy Mulyadi experiences for more than 9 years are:  Management Development in 2 projects that were run for about 2 years, Regional Development in 2 projects that were run for about 2 years, Training Development in 2 projects that were run for about 2 years, Community Development in 1 projects that were run for about 1 years, and various project for another 2 years of experiences. Sample of real project experience are: ADB Loan No. 2294-INO (SF): Madrasah Education Development Project (MEDP) Notice to Proceed of Training on Subject Content Upgrading and Classroom Teaching Methodology Thematic (MI) and Science (MI & MTS). This project funded by Asian development Bank (ADB). The total contract amount IDR 2,746,687,900 including VAT 10%. Total personnel cost 36. The consultant shall commence the Services within fifteen (15) calendar days after the Client has given to the Consultant notice to proceed with the Services. Start working from June 2011 until December 2011. This project implemented to build the capacity of madrasah teachers to better understand specific subject content and use innovative ways of teaching and interacting with students by improving information and communication system. Ongoing professional development and in-servicing will also assist education practitioners to keep abreast of current education trends. For the job description of this project is Before Commencement of training through by improbing information and communication system, the Service Provider shall make an agreement with P4TK regarding training implementation, and specifically shall discuss a rational, effective and efficient Training Implementation Plan that includes subject specific training modules and a strategy and budgeting plan for achieving predetermines program goals; Provide to CPMU list of main trainers from P4TK that will deliver training materials including their educational background, year experience, and other competences they prosses.