Manager of Administration

Mrs. Desfaiza (born in 1973) is the Deputy Manager of Administration PT. Miskat Alam Konsultan with more than 26 years of experience. She has a high responsibility at PT. Miskat Alam Konsultan such as relationships Responsible for matters relating to personnel, company regulations, work contracts for experts / support, attendance, leave and others. Responsible for corporate administrative affairs. Responsible for all matters in the office (household). Responsible for maintenance of office inventory, office cleanliness and tidiness and others. Some of Mrs. Desfaiza experiences for more than 20 years are: Management Development in 5 projects that were run for about 5 years, Regional Development in 4 projects that were run for about 4 years, Training Development in 5 projects that were run for about 5 years, Community Development in 6 projects that were run for about 6 years, and various project for another 6 years of experiences. Sample of real project experience are: Analysis of the Impact of the Implementation of the ASEAN Economic Community (MEA) on the Housing Financing Assistance Policy. This Project funded by APBN with value of services IDR 622.440.500 (Six hundred twenty-two million four hundred and forty thousand five hundred Rupiahs). Start working from March 2016 until August 2016 with 72 personnel. This activity is intended to prepare input material in the formulation of documents housing finance policies and strategies. The goal is to formulate recommendations in anticipation of the influence of the ASEAN Economic Community (MEA) on housing finance policies in Indonesia. For the job description Preparation of work plans for the preparation of community policy impact analysis ASEAN Economy (MEA) on the housing finance market; Literature study and review of legal foundations related to the ASEAN Economic Community (MEA); Provide Focus Group Discussion; Formulation of strategies to strengthen local housing market actors in dealing with ASEAN Economic Community (MEA).