Atmam Anwar

President Director

Mr. Atmam Anwar (born in 1963) is the President Director of PT. Miskat Alam Konsultan from 2018 to the present with more than 27 years of experience. He completed his Master’s Degree in Transportation Engineering in 1992 from Arizona State University in The United States of America (USA). Mr. Atmam Anwar has experience in managing national and international scale management and engineering projects; some foreign countries that has working is in Timor Leste, Myanmar, Mongolia, and Vietnam. Some of Mr. Atmam Anwar experiences for more than 27 years are: Management Development in 10 projects that were run for about 9 years; Regional Development in 2 projects that were run for about 6 years; Training Development in 4 projects that were run for about 4 years; Community Development in 6 projects that had been run for about 6 years; and various project for another 2 years of experiences. Sample of real project experience are: Construction and Development Consultant Services (Tender No. 394BEP014) the Australia Indonesia Basic Education Program (AI-BEP) for The Block Grant of Junior Secondary Education (USB) and One Roof Junior Secondary School (SATAP) By Community Participation Mechanism “Cluster No. 31, West Kalimantan – 2”. As for the job description of this project is Program Socialization; Re-evaluation of school locations; Survey on land data: covered topographic mapping, survey on location’s existing condition; Survey on resources condition and availability; recorded school position with GPS; Assisted KP-USB and P2Satap in planning and designing school building based on SMP standardization; Assisted in preparing Development Documents (SPPB, Construction Drawing, RKS, RAB; Assisted in facilitating the establishment of committee; Trained and mentored Committee in program implementation; Monitored, undertook the implementation progress assessment for termed payments, and evaluated the activities; Coordinated with Provincial and District/City Education Offices in the view of activity implementation; Provided recommendation on problem solutions and the steps that should be taken; and the solutions of other problems in relation to program implementation for Dit. PSMP. The designs were compiled based on: Prototype given by Directorate Junior High School Building, Legal land boundaries, Accorded with the results of Survey/topographic mapping undertaken, and Field physical condition for each school. This project funded by AusAID (Australian Agency for International Development), for the start work from August 2008 until April 2009. The total contract amount IDR 5,998,381,265 (five billion, nine hundred and ninety-eight million, three hundred and eighty-one thousand, two hundred and sixty-five Indonesian Rupiah). Total Personnel Costs 79.