Anas Nasrullah

Operational Manager - 2

Mr. Anas Nasrullah (born in 1975) is the Deputy Manager of Marketing and Operations of PT. Miskat Alam Konsultan with more than 20 years of experiences. He graduated from his bachelor degree in 1999 majoring English Literature. Mr. Anas Nasrullah have two Certificate of Competence which are Certified Event Registration and Event Logistic, these Certification of Competence registered in Indonesian Professional Certification Authority (BNSP). Some of Mr. Anas Nasrullah experiences for more than 20 years are: Management Development in 4 projects that were run for about 4 years, Regional Development in 3 projects that were run for about 3 years, Training Development in 5 projects that were run for about 5 years, Community Development in 5 projects that were run for 4 years, and various project for another 4 years of experiences. Sample of real project experience are: Event Organizer National Sanitation Jamboree 2014. As for the job description of this project is to manage network activity National Sanitation Jamboree 2013; to manage network activity Indonesia Care Sanitation Movement, to publish government programs in the field of sanitation, to socialize method or medium technology in the field of sanitation easier to implement in their own communities, to understanding of the formation of opinions and the creation of a better society, especially those leading to the change in behavior from early. This Project funded by APBN with value of services IDR 4.774.983.070 (Four billion seven hundred seventy-four million nine hundred and eighty-three thousand and seventy rupiahs). Start date April 2014 until September 2014 with 83 personnel.